To keep your air conditioning unit in perfect working order  
we recommend regular servicing at least once a year 

Why should I get my air conditioning unit serviced? 

To prolong the lifespan of the air conditioning unit 
Servicing helps to keep the air conditioning unit performing well and working efficiently 
It helps to avoid unexpected breakdowns 
Keeps running costs low 
Most importantly, servicing provides you with increased levels of comfort! 

What will happen if I don't get my air con unit serviced? 

The air conditioning unit performance will gradually decline  
The energy usage will slowly increase 
The air conditioning unit may start cooling the air more or less than is required 
The air can start to smell stale 
If small faults are not detected on servicing they can escalate causing further damage to the air con unit 

What does an air con unit service include? 

Exterior and interior parts of the air con unit will be serviced using cleaning tools and a cleaning solution to remove any bacteria  
The engineer may need to remove some of the parts to clean the unit thoroughly 
Periodic part replacement can be made if there are any issues with the unit 
Air conditioning unit service Northampton
Enviro Heating & Cooling Ltd service all makes of air conditioning units throughout Northampton, Towcester, Kettering, Wellingborough and areas around Northamptonshire including Milton Keynes. 
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Daikin air conditioning
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Samsung air conditioning
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Danfoss air conditioning
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