Aren't air con systems expensive to run? 

Overall they work out cheaper as you only use them when and where needed plus they compare favourably on a kWh basis. The Climate 3000i is rated A++ for cooling and A+ for heating. 

I struggle with allergies...does the internal unit blow dust around the room? 

The units contain a purifying filter that can eliminate up to 95% of dust particles, pollen and smoke odour. Providing you with clean filtered air. 

I've heard that units are noisy in this correct? 

The Worcester Bosch units that we install can run on silent mode so are ideal for bedrooms. The outdoor unit has a fan so there is some noise but nothing we have found to be intrusive, and we will always advise the best place to install this for minimum sound. 
What's the catch? 
There isn't one. Call us on 01604 670 549 for more information or to book a home visit. 
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